Linen Spray

Linen Spray

Refresh your fabrics and your senses!
Elevate your home’s ambiance and transform it into a natural oasis with Avgerinos linen spray, which is more than just a fabric freshener. It’s a way to create a unique and personalized mood in your home, with six captivating scents that match and pair with Avgerinos aromatic sticks, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere throughout your home and.
Each fragrance is carefully crafted and has its own character and charm.
You can choose from:

– Hammam: an oriental and spicy scent that transports you to a luxurious spa
– Baby Talc: a powdery and soothing scent that reminds you of innocence and comfort
– Stars: a romantic and dreamy scent that fills your space with magic and wonder
– My Musk: a fresh and clean scent that invigorates your senses
– Perla: an elegant and floral scent that enchants you with its balisian flowers
Queen: a playful and vibrant scent that brings out your fun and confident side

No matter what vibe you want to set, whether you want to freshen up your clothes, pillowcases, curtains, or any other fabric, Avgerinos linen spray is gentle on fabrics and skin, leaving them soft and smelling great without any stains or damage. Just spray lightly on clothes, pillowcases, curtains, or any other fabric, and enjoy the natural and long-lasting aroma.
Discover the perfect scent for every mood and season and treat yourself and your home to the best of nature with Avgerinos.

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